Centre for Regional and Local History

Academic year: 2016-2017

Workhouse raids and strike relief: the poor law in twentieth-century Staffordshire

Thursday 23 March 2017
Nicola Blacklaws (University of Leicester)

Soldiers, citizens and courtiers: rubbing shoulders in Civil-War Oxford 

Thursday 9 March 2017
Victoria Anker (University of Birmingham)

Defending against flooding in early modern England: dikereeves in Lincolnshire, 1550-1700

Thursday 23 February 2017
John Morgan (University of Warwick)

Gender, class and region in the operation of War Agricultural Committees, 1915-1920

Thursday 9 February 2017
Nicola Verdon (Sheffield Hallam University)

Coastal communities and neighbourhoods in the later medieval manor of Heacham, Norfolk

Thursday 26 January 2017
Miriam Muller (University of Birmingham)

Epigraphic flood marks: a valuable tool in understanding past flooding

Thursday 12 January 2017
Neil MacDonald (University of Liverpool)

The experience of Civil War in the Midlands from the records of Leicestershire clerical trials

Thursday 8 December 2016
Fiona McCall (University of Portsmouth)

New archaeological evidence for the Black Death: from local histories to global narrative

Thursday 24 November 2016
Carenza Lewis (University of Lincoln)

'He had no means of getting to towne': long-distance travel, discharged soldiers and charitable administration, c. 1682-1790

Thursday 17 November 2016
Caroline Nielsen (University of Northampton)

Making sense of an industrial town: Birmingham- 'the city of a thousand trades'

Thursday 27 October 2016
Malcolm Dick (University of Birmingham)

Understanding social complexity in Anglo-Saxon England: names, places and connectivity

Thursday 20 October 2016
Andrew Reynolds and Stuart Brookes (UCL)

Dissecting Jack-the-Ripper: an anatomy of murder in the metropolis

Thursday 29 September 2016
Elizabeth Hurren (University of Leicester)

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