Centre for Regional and Local History

Academic year: 2011-2012

The Prayer Book Rebellion of 1549

Thursday 22 March 2012
Mark Stoyle (University of Southampton)

Cultures of food in late medieval England

Thursday 8 March 2012
Chris Woolgar (University of Southampton)

On considering the poor law from a legal perspective in national and local history

Thursday 23 February 2012
Lorie Charlesworth (Liverpool John Moores University)

New lords for Lincolnshire: making an impression in a remote county

Thursday 2 February 2012
David Stocker (English Heritage)

Women's landholding in early modern Yorkshire

Thursday 19 January 2012
Amanda Capern (University of Hull)

Possible collaborations between ELH and the Medical Humanities

Thursday 15 December 2011
Steve King (Director of the Centre for Medical Humanities, University of Leicester)

Locating histories: the photographic survey movement, 1885-1914

Thursday 1 December 2011
Elizabeth Edwards (Director of the Photographic History Research Centre, De Montfort University)

Hidden voices: the civilian experience of the British Civil Wars, 1640-1660: Newark-on-Trent, a case study

Thursday 17 November 2011
Stuart Jennings (University of Warwick)

The women farmers of Nantconwy, Snowdonia, 1750-1900

Thursday 20 October 2011
Frances Richardson (University of Oxford)

The Winscombe project, Somerset. The why and how of a local study

Thursday 6 October 2011
Mick Aston (Time Team and University of Bristol)

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