Centre for Regional and Local History

Academic year: 2006-2007

The New Buckenham Project, Norfolk: new light on urban housing

Thursday 15 March 2007
Adam Longcroft (UEA)

Practitioners and paupers: Leicester's Poor Law medical services, 1867-1930

Thursday 1 March 2007
Angie Negrine (University of Leicester)

The 'curious old diary of an elderly lady': Joyce Jeffreys, celibacy and moneylending in seventeenth-century Hereford

Thursday 15 February 2007
Judith Spicksley (University of York)

'Stretched far away in every direction': artistic deceptions of open fields and commons, c.1730-1850

Thursday 1 February 2007
Ian Whites (University of Lincoln)

Separating out the kingdoms of pre-Viking England: the search for Northumbria's southern frontier

Thursday 18 January 2007
Nick Higham (University of Manchester)

Hunting and poaching in the medieval landscape: the evidence from animal bones

Thursday 30 November 2006
Naomi Sykes (University of Exeter)

New opportunities for the Local Historian: The regional film archive at Leicester

Thursday 16 November 2006
James Patterson (Media Archive for Central England)

Political and material cultures of drinking in the West Country

Thursday 2 November 2006
Angela McShane-Jones (Oxford Brookes University)

Oral history fieldwork, especially in an English village: approaches and tips

Thursday 19 October 2006
Craig Taylor (The Guardian)

The landscape history of the grouse moors of the Peak District

Thursday 5 October 2006
David Hey (University of Sheffield)

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