Centre for Regional and Local History

Academic year: 2012-2013

Researching witchcraft in nineteenth and early twentieth century America: regional and national issues

Thursday 14 March 2013
Dr Owen Davies (University of Hertfordshire)

Place-names in surnames: some issues about their relationship

Thursday 7 March 2013
Professor Richard Coates (University of the West of England)

‘To be paid again with the king's spoons': corruption and conflict in Warwick garrison, 1642- 1663

Thursday 21 February 2013
Professor Ann Hughes (Keele University)

Local natural history in Stuart England

Thursday 7 February 2013
David Beck (University of Warwick)

Mapping the education of the poor in nineteenth-century Suffolk

Thursday 24 January 2013
Dr Rosalind Crone (Open University)

Victims of the policed society: writing the history of victims of crime in nineteenth-century England

Thursday 13 December 2012
Dr David Churchill (University of Leeds)

Popular politics and army politics under George I: the Bridgwater army riots of 1717 and 1721

Thursday 15 November 2012
Professor John Miller (Queen Mary, University of London)

Recent research on the Guild buildings of Stratford-upon-Avon

Thursday 8 November 2012
Dr Kate Giles (University of York)

William Wilberforce's Dissection of Convicts Bill (1786): anatomists and criminal justice in 18th century England

Thursday 25 October 2012
Dr Richard Ward (University of Leicester)

Disciplining the Commonwealth: John Hooper in Gloucestershire, March 1551 to June 1552

Thursday 11 October 2012
Professor David Rollison (University of Sydney)

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