Centre for Regional and Local History

Academic year: 2002-2003

Experiences of 'mission' among Roman Catholic priests in seventeenth-century England

Thursday 24 April 2003
The Rev Dr Thomas McCoog, S.J. (Jesuit Historical Institute, Rome)

Did medieval villages orientate their churches?

Thursday 27 March 2003
Professor Steve McCluskey (University of West Virginia)

Valpolicella in its Region

Thursday 20 March 2003
Dr Peter Musgrave (University of Leicester)

Housing and rural society, 1834-1914

Thursday 13 March 2003
Martin Ayres (University of Leicester)

Early Monasteries in the Landscape

Thursday 27 February 2003
Professor Mick Aston (University of Bristol)

The production of retail space: some case studies from eighteenth-century provincial England

Thursday 13 February 2003
Dr Andrew Hann (Universities of Coventry and Leicester)

Courts and small credit

Thursday 30 January 2003
Dr Margot Finn (UCL)

Domesday Now! Uses of Domesday Book data

Thursday 5 December 2002
Dr David Roffe (University of Sheffield)

Locality and belief: lessons from fifteenth-century religious writing

Thursday 21 November 2002
Paul Bryant-Quinn (University of Wales)

Film and Locality in England, 1926-1990

Thursday 7 November 2002
Professor Anthony Sutcliffe (University of Nottingham)

Defining the place of death: what makes a cemetery a cemetery?

Thursday 24 October 2002
Dr Julie Rigg (University of York)

Narratives of poverty: Essex pauper letters, 1800-1834, in comparative perspective

Thursday 10 October 2002
Dr Thomas Sokoll (FernUniversität, Hagen)

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