Centre for Regional and Local History

Academic year: 2007-2008

The small holding movement in the twentieth century - a social and farming experiment

Thursday 13 March 2008
Susanna Wade-Martins (UEA)

Discovering an archive of local history: the papers of John Nichols, historian of Leicestershire

Thursday 28 February 2008
Julian Pooley (Surrey History Centre)

Disorderly conduct: protesting repertoires in eighteenth-century Gloucestershire

Thursday 14 February 2008
Adrian Randall (University of Birmingham)

Subverting the ground: private property and public protest in the sixteenth-century Yorkshire Wolds

Thursday 31 January 2008
Briony McDonagh (University of Hull)

Pebbles, beans and muck: the stuff of Nottinghamshire place-names

Thursday 17 January 2008
Paul Cullen (University of Nottingham)

The Battle of Naseby: the local history of a national event

Thursday 29 November 2007
Martin Marix Evans (Blakesley, Northants)

The land of the prince bishops: history, myth and identity in the palatinate of Durham in the late middle ages

Thursday 15 November 2007
Christian Liddy (University of Durham)

John Charles Cox, c. 1848-1919: a radical historian's contribution to local and rural history

Thursday 1 November 2007
Elizabeth Hurren (University of Leicester)

British town maps before 1900: a local view of the scenery or a national one?

Thursday 18 October 2007
Richard Oliver (University of Exeter)

Remembering and forgetting Kett's rebellion of 1549

Thursday 4 October 2007
Andy Wood (UEA)

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