Centre for Regional and Local History

Academic year: 2005-2006

'Landscape character and regionality in Devon's ancient countryside'

Thursday 16 March 2006
Dr Sam Turner (University of Newcastle)

The value of names: the local history on Anglo-Saxon coins

Thursday 2 March 2006
Dr Jayne Carroll (University of Nottingham)

'The peoples choice': the election of county and borough coroners, c.1750-1850

Thursday 16 February
Pam Fisher (ELH, University of Leicester)

The regional geography of nineteenth-century elections

Thursday 2 February 2006
Matthew Badcock (University of Central England)

Farmers, cottagers and their houses in the seventeenth century

Thursday 19 January 2006
Dr John Broad (London Metropolitan University)

The politics of dearth in the late Elizabethan period: the metropolitan grain trade of Kent

Thursday 1 December 2005
Dr Stephen Hipkin (Canterbury Christ Church University)

The economic and social structure of English regions, 1650-1850

Thursday 17 November 2005
Dr Leigh Shaw-Taylor (University of Cambridge)

What can surnames tell us about historic regions?

Thursday 3 November 2005
Professor Kevin Schurer (University of Leicester)

Medieval bean counting: tithe and agrarian production

Thursday 20 October 2005
Dr Ben Dodds (Florida State University)

The clearing of the woods or the running of the deer? Forests and chases in early modern England and Wales

Thursday 6 October 2005
Dr Jack Langton (St John's College, Oxford)

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