Centre for Regional and Local History

Academic year: 1999-2000

'A Church as it should be' - the rise and triumph of ecclesiology in Early Victorian Leicestershire

Thursday 23 March 2000
Dr Geoff Brandwood 

A boundary between cultural provinces? The border area between Leicestershire and Kesteven in the eighteenth century

Thursday 16 March 2000
Mr Alan Fox (ELH, University of Leicester)

Patronage, piety and power in the medieval church: reading the imagery of Stanford on Avon, Northamptonshire

Thursday 9 March 2000
Professor Richard Marks (Victoria and Albert Museum)

Piety, penitence and power: a glance at Warwickshire church monuments from 1450 to 1656

Thursday 24 February 2000
Ms Pat Orme (ELH, University of Leicester)

Charlemagne and the Anglo-Saxons

Thursday 3 February 2000
Dr Jo Story (University of Leicester)

A Domesday of English farming

Thursday 9 December 1999
Dr Brian Short (University of Sussex)

The Sibthorps of Canwick Hall, Lincoln, and their estates in four counties, c. 1716-1940

Thursday 18 November 1999
Dr Dennis Mills (Open University)

Reform and renewal in Urban Government before 1835

Thursday 4 November 1999
Dr Roey Sweet (University of Leicester)

How the west was won: the Anglo-Saxon takeover of the west midlands

Thursday 14 October 1999
Dr Steven Bassett (University of Birmingham)

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