Centre for Regional and Local History

Academic year: 2008-2009

The black economy in the Soar Valley, 1945-1971: an oral history

Thursday 12 March 2009
Stephen Joyce (University of Nottingham)

Race, Geography and the Origins of the Welsh: New Perspectives on a Nation's Past, 1880-1930

Thursday 26 February 2009
Huw Pryce (University of Bangor)

Provincial news junkies: the circulation and consumption of civil war paint culture

Thursday 19 February 2009
Jason Peacey (UCL)

'We were all happy there'? The experiences of workhouse life, c. 1770-1834

Thursday 29 January 2009
Alannah Tomkins (University of Keele)

Quantifying the extent of assarted land in twelfth-century England

Thursday 15 January 2009
Mark Gardiner (Queen's University of Belfast)

(Re)constructing lives 'on the parish': individuals' experiences of poor relief in the early nineteenth-century English south west

Thursday 4 December 2008
Samantha Shave (University of Southampton)

Policies on migration and settlement, 1700-1900: Comparing England and Wales with the Continent

Thursday 20 November 2008
Anne Winter (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

Urban population in late medieval England

Thursday 6 November 2008
Steve Rigby (University of Manchester)

The contested nature of rural women's work in inter-war England and Wales

Thursday 23 October 2008
Nicola Verdon (Sheffield Hallam University)

Seditious words and popular royalism in mid-seventeenth century England

Thursday 9 October 2008
Lloyd Bowen (University of Cardiff)

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