Centre for Regional and Local History

Academic year: 2001-2002

Valpolicella and its region

Thursday 21 March 2002
Dr Peter Musgrave (University of Leicester)

"Woodland" and "champion" revisited: explaining regional variations in the medieval landscape

Thursday 7 March 2002
Dr Tom Williamson (UEA)

Rural society and the Anglican clergy in Norfolk, 1815-1914

Thursday 21 February 2002
Mr Rob Lee (ELH, University of Leicester)

Changing clothes and changing status: the bequest of clothing in sixteenth century Kent

Thursday 7 February 2002
Dr Catherine Richardson (University of Kent)

The power of place: a Lincolnshire sacred site and its continuity

Thursday 24 January 2002
Dr David Marcombe (University of Nottingham)

Woodland archaeology: lessons from Wansdyke parishes

Thursday 6 December 2001
Mr John Knight (University of Bristol)

Performance and posturing: records of drama in early Lincolnshire, Rutland and Leicestershire

Thursday 22 November 2001
Professor James Stokes (University of Wisconsin)

Guinea Gardens: landscape and leisure in nineteenth-century cities

Thursday 8 November 2001
Dr David Lambert (English Heritage)

Shopping: the seventeenth-century experience

Thursday 25 October 2001
Dr Nancy Cox (University of Wolverhampton)

Social identity in early medieval Britain

Thursday 11 October 2001
Professor John Koch (University of Wales)

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