Centre for Regional and Local History

Academic year: 2004-2005

W. G. Hoskins: the Origins of a Creative Historian

Thursday 17 March 2005
Dr Robert Peberdy (VCH for Oxfordshire)

Wulfhere's Charter Revisited: Seventh-Century Boundaries of Peterborough Abbey

Thursday 3 March 2005
Mrs Avril Morris (University of Leicester)

Landscape and Society in Two Buckinghamshire Villages

Thursday 17 February 2005
Dr Matt Tompkins (University of Leicester)

Mapping 1914-1918 War Resisters - Revising the Image using Local Studies

Thursday 3 February 2005
Mr Cyril Pearce (University of Leeds)

The Bradbourne Survey: Landscape in Derbyshire from Prehistory until the Present

Thursday 20 January 2005
Dr John Moreland (University of Sheffield)

Landlords and tenants in early modern London or urban history's "strangely neglected topic"

Thursday 2 December 2004
Dr Jeremy Boulton (University of Newcastle)

Religion and community: Dorchester-on-Thames, 1800-1920

Thursday 18 November 2004
Dr Kate Tiller (University of Oxford)

"Dust and curses": witches in the early modern Isle of Man

Thursday 4 November 2004
Professor Jim Sharpe (University of York)

Lineage and gentry honour in Tudor and early Stuart England

Thursday 21 October 2004
Dr Richard Cust (University of Birmingham)

Everyday life in industrialising West Yorkshire

Thursday 6 October 2004
Professor Pat Hudson (University of Cardiff)

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