Centre for Regional and Local History

Academic year: 2018-2019

All seminars are open to the public and all are welcome. They are held at Marc Fitch House, 5 Salisbury Road, LE1 7QR, beginning at 2.15pm.

The impact of scab panzootics on sheep farming and wool industry in England c. 1270-1320

Thursday 11 October
Philip Slavin (University of Stirling)

Beyond the parish: everyday travel and community in England, 1550-1650

Thursday 25 October
Charmian Mansell (University of Exeter)

"Active imperialism": Empire Day in Wales, 1904-14

Thursday 8 November
Paul O'Leary (University of Aberwystryth)

'Hence the name': Ordnance surveyors in Northumberland, c. 1860, in their own words

Thursday 22 November
Diana Whaley (University of Newcastle)

Not just poor, thwarted lovers: reassessing the relationships and identities of single parents in Wales, c. 1700-1800

Thursday 13 December
Angela Muir (University of Leicester)

Archaeologies of the Norman Conquest: new directions in material culture research in the 11th and 12th centuries?

Thursday 31 January
Alexsandra McClain (University of York)

'Being seduced by the temptations of the devill and your own filthy lusts’: the sexual crimes of clergymen in late seventeenth-century Herefordshire

Thursday 14 February
Liz Round (University of Leicester)

Vermin landscapes: Suffolk, England shaped by plague, rat and flea 1906-1920

Thursday 28 February
Karen Sayer (Leeds Trinity University)

European building activity in times of crisis, 13th - 17th centuries

Thursday 14 March
Fredrik Charpentier Ljungqvist (Stockholm University)

‘A City Assaulted by Man but saved by God’: the commemoration of the siege of Gloucester

Thursday 28 March
Imogen Peck (University of Warwick)

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