Centre for Regional and Local History

Academic year: 2010-2011

Places for protest: the archaeology of an environmental protest camp in Derbyshire

Thursday 17 March 2011
Bob Johnston (University of Sheffield) and Anna Badcock (York Archaeological Trust)

Microhistory and metanarratives: the example of Birmingham's and Providence's jewellery makers, 1870-1914

Thursday 3 March 2011
Francesca Carnevali (University of Birmingham)

Fancy dogs and the dog fancy: manufacturing pedigree breeds in late Victorian Britain

Thursday 17 February 2011
Michael Worboys (University of Manchester)

The impact of reformation on the cult of St Cuthbert in Durham

Thursday 3 February 2011
Diana Newton (University of Teesside)

The Restoration county community: a post-conflict culture

Thursday 20 January 2011
David Appleby (University of Nottingham)

Sand, sea and not much sun: medieval climate change and its effects on coastal landscapes and settlement

Thursday 2 December 2010
David Griffiths (Kellogg College, Oxford)

Counterurbanisation, preservation, and community in Berkshire, 1900-1950

Thursday 18 November 2010
Jeremy Burchardt (University of Reading)

Non-traditional housing types in a New Town context: the planning and physical development of Corby, Northamptonshire, after 1930

Thursday 4 November 2010
Matthew Bristow (Victoria County History)

The 'moral economy' of the English poor in the nineteenth century

Thursday 21 October 2010
Peter Jones (Oxford Brookes)

Below stairs at Arbury Hall (Warwicks): Sir Richard Newdigate and his household staff, c. 1670-1710

Thursday 7 October 2010
Steve Hindle (University of Warwick)

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