Leicester Institute of Structural and Chemical Biology

Research Strand Drug Discovery and Design

Structure-based drug discovery and design 

vignette drug discovery

Leicester has traditionally had considerable strength in utilising structural biology to enhance the drug discovery process. This is reflected by a long-term partnership with UCB and LifeArc (formerly MRC-Technology) which has led to considerable Impact in previous REF exercises (Carr). More recently the engagement with drug discovery has been expanded to include a number of other researchers. This has resulted in a successful GSK DPAc award to develop molecules to target the BCL6 transcriptional repression complex (Schwabe); an award from ELF to generate novel molecules to modulate alternative splicing (Dominguez and Eperon); our Chemical Biology lecturers are developing PROTACS to target large gene regulatory complexes (Hodgkinson) as well as metallopharmaceuticals (Suntharalingam).

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