Botanic Garden and Attenborough Arboretum

Whole World Cake

Cross curricular for KS1 or Year 3/4  supporting Science and Geography. 

The Whole World Cake is a worksheet-free session suitable for children from Foundation level through to year 4. The children are invited to help make a cake and are sent around the Garden in search of the ingredients from the plants that produce them. The trail takes them through temperate woodland, into a desert, and into the warm temperate and tropical glasshouses. When they return, the ingredients are put together and the children learn about the countries the ingredients have come from and the people involved in their production. The ingredients go into a 'magic oven' and out comes a Whole World Cake which children can sample.

Two children in the Botanic Garden with a collecting box

The introductory talk touches on many aspects of the science curriculum, including when age-appropriate, pollination, adaptation, diversity and uses of plants. In the follow-up session they learn how sugar cane is eaten, how bananas travel across the world to our supermarkets and the price of a banana is distributed and learn about fair-trade.  

A thirty minute herb activity, with a worksheet, is also provided to learn about herbs and their uses.

Depending on arrival or departure time there may be a little extra time to further explore the Botanic Garden or do some sketching. (clipboards are available to borrow)  

  • Availability: All year
  • Age group: KS1/2
  • Numbers: up to three classes i.e. about 100
  • Duration: Full day
  • Cost: Please visit our programme costs page
  • Allergies: children do not collect or taste any nuts. Upon booking you will receive a copy of the Whole World Cake recipe. Please contact us if you have children who can't eat any of the ingredients.  

To book please contact the Botanic Garden Education Office on 0116 271 2933 or email us.

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