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The Rainforests programme for KS2 starts with an introduction that includes the different types of rainforests, their importance, location and plant adaptations. Then in small groups, children visit different areas of the Botanic Garden including the rainforest, alpine and desert glasshouses and outside to compare these habitats including recording the temperature.  In each area, several plants will have information cards on how the different plants can be used. The focus of the information will be on plant adaptations and the plants that are used for food, clothing, medicine and shelter building.

  • Experience the rainforest Child in the tropical house at the University of Leicester Botanic Garden
  • Create a rainforest collage picture in the style of Henri Rousseau from sketches of leaves made in the rainforest glasshouse
  • Visit the desert and alpine glasshouses to compare these habitats with the rainforest
  • Discover plants that can be used for food, shelter, medicine and clothing
  • Create a shelter using found natural materials for a Playmobil figure 

Alternative Activity to Rousseau art : For 'The Amazon' topic or a topic about Southern or Central America children can be given the opportunity to handle a selection of Nicaraguan artefacts and learn more about how they are used.

A plenary will be given to draw together all, the learning.

  • Numbers: One / two classes (up to 64 children)
  • Organisation: The children need to be in five small groups, each to be accompanied by an adult
  • Cost: Please visit our programme costs page
  • Lunch: Lunch can be eaten outside or in a classroom
  • Staff: A member of the Botanic Garden teacher team will support your Rainforest programme throughout the da

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