Taught KS2 Education Programme

  • Visit our rainforest glasshouse and see tropical plants and learn about their uses
  • Create a rainforest picture in the style of Henri Rousseau
  • Visit the desert and alpine glasshouses to compare these habitats with the rainforest
  • Discover plants that can be used for food, shelter, medicine and clothing
  • Create a shelter using natural materials for a Playmobil figure

The Rainforests programme starts with an introduction that includes the different types of rainforests, their importance, location and plant adaptations.

In small groups, children visit different areas of the Botanic Garden including the rainforest, alpine and desert glasshouses and outside to compare these habitats including recording the temperature.  In each area, several plants will have information cards on how the different plants can be used. The focus of the information will be on plant adaptations and about living in these environments. Therefore focus will be placed on plants for food, clothing, medicine and shelter building. Using found natural materials, groups will have the opportunity to create a shelter for a Playmobil figure and then discuss how this is extended for humans during the plenary.

In the rainforest glasshouse children will sketch different leaves which will form a basis for their Henri Rosseau pictures. They will be shown examples of Rousseau’s work and create A3 collages using different coloured sugar paper.

  • Numbers: We can take up to two classes at a time. (up to 64 children)
  • Organisation: The children need to be in five small groups, each to be accompanied by an adult
  • Cost: £4.90 per child with no charge for accompanying adults. (Note the minimum charge is £117.60)
  • Allergies: Children do not collect or taste any nuts
  • Lunch: Lunch can be eaten outside or in a classroom
  • Staff: A member of the Botanic Garden teacher team will support your Rainforest programme throughout the day

To book please contact the Botanic Garden Education Office on 0116 271 2933 or email us.