Botanic Garden and Attenborough Arboretum


English, Science and Art for Foundation or year 1 aged children. Two children playing with Elmer

  • Follow clues around the Botanic Garden to find the lost teddies of Elmer's friends
  • Search in the rainforest, desert, bamboo, woodland and learn about different places animals live
  • Make Elmer from a milk cartoon

Elmer is based on David McKee’s story ‘Elmer and the Lost Teddy’ published by Andersen Press. In the story baby elephant loses his teddy and Elmer sets off to find it. On the way he meets many other young animals with their teddies. Together we read this story  and talk about losing things. Then the children in their smaller groups are given a soft toy animal and their task is to follow the clues around the Garden to find the teddy for their animal.

The clues take each group through woodland, by a pond, by bamboo and into the desert, rainforest and alpine houses.  At each place the group also has a picture of a plant to match to each place and as a group draw a leaf. When they return with their teddies they match the toys to a plant in the habitat where they were found and we discuss what each place was like.

After lunch each group make an Elmer from a milk cartoon. to take back to school. Alongside this children look for different colours around the Garden and colour in a blank picture of Elmer.

  • Numbers: We can take one or two classes at one time. (maximum 60)
  • Times: 9.30am to 10.00am depending on arrival time to about 2.30pm
  • Lunch: Can be eaten outside or inside the classroom
  • Cost: Please visit our programme costs page

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