Botanic Garden and Attenborough Arboretum


Children using paint brushes to look in a discovery boxFor KS2 looking at what we can learn from archaeological evidence.  

The Archaeology programme is designed to help children’s understanding of archaeology and how we can use this to make historical claims. They also look at how plants have historically been used by people.  

The programme starts with an introduction about archaeology and what we can learn from the evidence we find backed. To give this context we briefly look at a timeline of Britain since the last Ice age and the different periods of history with a focus on the era the children are studying if required and examples of famous digs.

Children then work in five groups and complete all the activities by the end of the day.

  • They search through discovery boxes and from the objects found, try to work out which of four sites they came from.
  • Identify seeds using Easi-scope microscopes that project the image onto laptops
  • Children design and colour a patterned piece of cloth using dyes made from fruits
  • Everyone goes on a trail around the Botanic Garden to see various plants and learn about how they have been used by people in different times.
  • Children visit the herb garden and find plants that can help with illnesses. 
  • Numbers: One or two classes
  • Timing: All day
  • Cost: Please visit our programme costs page
  • Lunch: Lunch can be eaten outside  or in the classrooms
  • Staff: A member of the Botanic Garden teacher team will lead your Archaeology day

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