Nursing at Leicester

Jeni Senior

Personal details

Jeni completed her basic training at the Highland College of Nursing, based at Raigmore Hospital, in Inverness, in 1986, and moved back to Leicester to be closer to her family, in April of that year, taking up a full-time night duty post on a busy general surgery ward at Leicester Royal Infirmary. Jeni has continued to work there until earlier this year, moving to the Children’s Hospital in 1987.  She completed her RSCN training at Charles Frear School of Nursing here in Leicester (now amalgamated into De Montfort University) and then her first degree at the University of Central England.

Jeni studied with the RCN Institute under the umbrella of Manchester University to complete studies for a MSc in Nursing and gained this award in 2009. Throughout all of this she worked clinically in a specialist role in the Children’s Hospital, and also gained registration for Non-medical prescribing.

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