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front view of george davies centreOur exceptional learning resources and facilities are designed to develop students’ knowledge, skills and confidence.  

Our cutting-edge, £42 million George Davies Centre is a collaborative hub for staff and students across the College of Life Sciences. With dedicated learning and social spaces, it also serves to foster interprofessional-learning across the medicine and healthcare spectrum.

Clinical Skills Unit – Nursing and Midwifery

Developing students’ practical skills in a safe and supportive environment is central to our programmes. The state-of-the-art Clinical Skills Unit at the Robert Kilpatrick Clinical Skills Building is a multimillion-pound facility that houses simulated hospital wards and homebirth settings. Here, interactive manikins, programmed to mimic real patient responses in critical situations, share the space with skilled actors portraying patients. This intricately designed setting ensures a secure yet realistic environment for our student nurses and midwives to refine their assessment and treatment proficiencies before entering real clinical scenarios.

Dissection Room

Leicester Medical School's Dissection Room offers healthcare students from Nursing, Midwifery, Physiotherapy and Radiography a rare opportunity to engage with human anatomy and physiology. Access to full cadavers allows exploration of vital body systems like the heart and lungs, led by a team of dedicated experts. Students can arrange further visits to the Dissection Room to ensure continuous development and improvement of their anatomical knowledge.

X-Ray Room - Radiography

Diagnostic Radiography students can practice their imaging skills in our dedicated state-of-the-art digital plain film academic X-Ray Room based at the Leicester Royal Infirmary. An anatomical phantom that mimics human anatomy will be used to practice positioning and radiation exposures for plain film imaging. Radiography students also have access to two dedicated computer rooms at the Robert Kilpatrick Clinical Skills Building, where they can train X-ray and CT techniques using Shaderware, a 3D interactive simulation system.

ODP Practical Room

Students in scrubs gathered around a dummy on a bedThe Weston ODP Practical Room in the George Davies Centre provides students with a wide range of clinical training and simulations, including anaesthetics, surgery and recovery to complement their training on placement. Students can access high fidelity equipment and practise skills such as scrubbing in, cannulation, suturing and even simulate laparoscopic surgery.

Physiotherapy practical rooms

Physiotherapy students enjoy the privilege of four dedicated practical rooms, equipped with an array of physiotherapy equipment and research tools. A separate movement analysis lab augments this space. Solely for the use of physiotherapy students, these resources also facilitate self-directed study and research.

Simulation and other facilities

An adult simulation dummy in a bed with a screen next to it.Our purpose-built teaching spaces are complemented by a simulation practice room at the Robert Kilpatrick Clinical Skills Building, a space dedicated to honing procedural skills.

We have fully embraced the rapidly changing field of digital technology. Our teaching spaces are equipped with Apple TVs and many students are given an iPad at the start of the course for daily use in lectures, seminars and group activities. Study material is delivered directly onto these iPads enabling students to annotate during sessions. Content can also be rapidly revised and updated and the iPad can support students’ own self-directed study.

Our partner hospitals extend access to the latest surgical technologies and equipment, ensuring students are well-versed and confident in their application during placements. Modern clinical skills centres and libraries provide crucial support throughout the learning journey.

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