Leicester Medical School

Simulation Centre

The Simulation Centre at Leicester (SC@LE) is a multi-million pound project, combining the current clinical skills centre (CSC) with a state-of-the-art Simulation Centre to create a world-class learning facility based in the Robert Kilpatrick Building (within the Leicester Royal Infirmary hospital campus). Funded by Health Education East Midlands, the unit opened in March 2016.

We aim to improve patient safety through the incorporation of simulation-based training (SBT) into bespoke undergraduate multi-professional clinical training and education programmes.

Benefits of simulation-based training

The benefits of SBT throughout the field of medical education are becoming rapidly established. In particular, the ability to provide a re-usable model in which trainees can gain experience in a stress-free, time-independent environment in which no patient is placed at risk. This is no more evident than in those medical specialties requiring a high level of psychomotor skill expertise, e.g. surgical specialties, in which both undergraduate and postgraduate research studies have demonstrated the benefit of simulation.

The use of SBT extends beyond psychomotor skill acquisition: the Centre enables fully-immersive simulated clinical scenarios to be created, enabling multi-professional trainees to develop and rehearse their clinical and team-working skills prior to real-life patient interaction.

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