Professor Debi Bhattacharya

Professor of Behavioural Medicine

School/Department: Allied Health Professions, School of



I am Professor of Behavioural Medicine at the University of Leicester and a primary care pharmacist. I lead a portfolio of research applying behavioural science to medicine-related challenges. I am experienced in delivering research spanning the full spectrum from diagnosing the nature of the problem through to designing targeted interventions and large-scale testing in definitive trials. My work includes both patient and practitioner behaviour change; two key strands are supporting deprescribing and medication adherence. Current research programmes that I am leading on these topics include:

  • CHARMER which is a five year, £2.4M NIHR funded research programme to design and test a deprescribing intervention across 24 hospitals in England.
  • IMAB-Qi which is a five year, £2.7M NIHR funded research programme to design and test a medication adherence intervention across 38 medical practices in England.

I am also passionate about research capacity building to secure the future of evidence-based healthcare. I am currently leading the NIHR incubator for pharmacy professionals which is three years of funding to build research capacity amongst the pharmacy profession.

My national/international roles include membership of the funding panels for NIHR Programme Grants for Applied Research and NIHR pre-application support fund, Pharmacy Research Advisory group and editorial boards for the journals Patient Preference and Adherence and International Journal of Pharmacy practice.


Grants as lead applicant/primary supervisor

The Identification of Medication Adherence Barriers Questionnaire intervention (IMAB-Qi): Developing a package to support IMAB-Qi delivery in general practice and a trial to test IMAB-Qi effectiveness and cost-effectiveness, National Institute for Health and Care Research, £2,695,924.49 


Development of a trial to evaluate a theory and evidence-based medication adherence intervention to enhance structured medica, NIHR Programme Development Grant, £115,000 


CompreHensive geriAtRician-led MEdication Review (CHARMER), NIHR Programme grant, £2,400,000 

09/2020- 31/08/2025

Medication adherence intervention implementation, NIHR Applied Research Collaboration, £75,000 


Developing an evidence-based, feasible and acceptable approach to deprescribing long-term opiates, NIHR CLAHRC East of England, £29,000 


Improving treatment adherence in people with diabetes mellitus, European Foundation for the Study of Diabetes, £500,000 


Development of a medication adherence tool for people with bipolar disorder, NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship, £330,000 


Development of a novel service model for older cancer survivors, Pharmacy Research UK, £32,000 


Developing a model for deprescribing in hospital, Pharmacy Research UK, £19,000 


Determining patient health literacy during a medicine consultation, Pharmacy Research UK, £37,000 


Identification of barriers to medication adherence, Pharmacy Research UK, £67,000 

06/2014- 12/2015

Exploring the effect of medication acceptability on adherence, Xeolas Pharmaceuticals, £54,000 


RCT of multi-compartment medication devices to estimate their effect on adherence, NIHR Health Technology Appraisal, £380,000 


Evaluation and enhancement of adherence to eye drop therapy using qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches, Norwich Glaucoma Research Trust, £63,000 


A pilot study of the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of Multicompartment Medication Devices, NIHR Health Technology Appraisal, £368,982 


Development of a community pharmacist led adherence intervention, University of East Anglia, £55,000 


The role of electronic discharge summaries in error reduction, NHS funded PhD studentship, £55,000 


Community pharmacist led adherence intervention for eczema, Numark Pharmacies, £17,000 


Development and validation of an adherence assessment tool, University of East Anglia, £55,000 


Active grants as co-applicant

Scalable low-cost interventions to support medication adherence in people prescribed treatment for hypertension in primary care, NIHR PGfAR, £2.2M   


Feasibility of a tailored text messaging adherence intervention, NIHR RfPB, £2.2M




Developing a core outcome set for evaluating medication adherence interventions for adults prescribed long-term medication in primary care. Debi Bhattacharya, Kumud Kantilal, Jacqueline Martin-Kerry, Vanessa Millar, Allan Clark, David Wright, Katherine Murphy, David Turner, Sion Scott. Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy 2024. 


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I welcome candidates from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds to join my research team. Skill sets that lend themselves particularly well to my programmes of research are a clinical or psychology background. My strands of research all focus on behaviour change; most notably patient behaviour change in the context of medication adherence and practitioner behaviour change in the context of deprescribing.


I have led the design and delivery of a placements programme spanning four years of a pharmacist training programme and clinical masters level module of an MPharm programme. Most recently I established a pharmacist non-medical prescribing programme for which I was course director for six years.

Press and media

I would be delighted to have the opportunity to comment on topics related to pharmacy and health behaviour change specifically deprescribing and medication adherence.

University of Leicester to host pharmacy research ‘incubator’ with £120k funding, P3 Pharmacy, June 2023 

Deprescribing – reactive and proactive, Medical Update Online, April 2023

CHARMER – a different kind of deprescribing intervention study, Pharmacy Update Online, April 2023

University of Leicester launches first distance-learning independent prescriber course, November 2022


  • 2003 – 2004: Certificate in Higher Education practice. University of East Anglia
  • 1999 – 2003: PhD University of Bradford. ‘Pharmacist Domiciliary Visiting services’
  • 1995 - 1999: B.Pharm (Hons) University of Bradford, School of Pharmacy
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