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Nursing Lecturer

School/Department: Allied Health Professions, School of

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I am a Registered Nurse who has worked in the NHS for the last 20 years. My primary area of specialism was ICU (Intensive Care) but I have experience in Orthopedics and Medicine. I have also worked in Commissioning and have experience as both a Clinical Educator and a Practice Development Nurse.

I am passionate about Nurse education and feel that the program here offers an opportunity to help develop the best of the next generation of Nurses. The future of Nursing is bright.


Walton P., Miller C., Maycock S. and Nicol K: 'Deemed Consent to organ donation: what critical care nurses need to know' British Journal of Nursing 2020, Vol 29 No.15 pp.910-912. 


Foundations of Nursing Practice

Care of the Critically Ill Patient

Care of the Acutely Ill Patient

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