Professor David Wright

Head of School of Allied Health Professions


I graduated from the University of Bradford in 1991 as a pharmacist with a BPharm (hons). Trained both in hospital and community pharmacy I practised in Community until 2015. I completed my PhD titled 'Clinical pharmacy services in residential and nursing homes' in 1998 and was subsequently employed as a lecturer in Pharmacy Practice at the University of Bradford until 2003 when I moved as a senior lecturer in Pharmacy Practice to the University of East Anglia. I was one of the original team of staff who set up the new School of Pharmacy the first new school for over 30 years in the UK which went on to secure 100% student satisfaction for a number of consecutive years. In recognition of my contribution to the teaching and management within the school I was promoted to Professor of Pharmacy Practice in 2010. In 2014 I was appointed 'Professor of Clinical Pharmacy' at the University of Bergen Norway. In 2021 I moved to the University of Leicester as head of the School of Allied Health Professions.


My research area is medicines optimisation within older people particularly within the care home environment, in those with dysphagia and in the use of pharmacogenomics. My expertise is in the development and evaluation of complex interventions which significant experience of undertaking feasibility studies and definitive trials. To date I have secured over £6M in research funds as principle investigator from the NIHR with a further £2M as co-applicant. I have also attracted research funding from the Medicines Research Council and Norwegian Pharmaceutical Society I have over 95 publications in peer-reviewed journals with a Google H-Index of 31.


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Kelly J, Wright D. Medicine administration errors and their severity in secondary care older persons' ward: A multi-centre observational study Journal of Clinical Nursing 2012; 21(13-14):1806-1815



I am interested in supervising PhD topics focused on the provision of pharmaceutical care for older persons and development of the skills necessary to develop and evaluate complex interventions.


Pharmacy undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Press and media

Medicines use within care homes. Community pharmacy.


Fellow of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Member of the Primary Care Pharmacy Association Senior Editor of Pharmacy Journal


BPharm(Hons), PGCHEP, PhD
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