Leicester Microbial Sciences and Infectious Diseases Centre (LeMID)

College of Life Sciences (CLS)

The College of Life Sciences (CLS) contains a large number of researchers whose focus is the study of microbiology. These researchers are a major component of the LeMID (Leicester Microbial Sciences and Infectious Disease) Centre.

The CLS researchers are studying major aspects of microbiology or microbiology-related subjects including infectious diseases, immunology, microbial metabolism and microbial genetics.

All phone numbers are +44 (0)116 xxx xxxx

Respiratory Medicine

Name  Email  Telephone 
Professor Peter Andrew  pwa@le.ac.uk  252 2941 
Professor Mike Barer  mrb19@le.ac.uk  252 2951/2933 
Professor Chris Brightling  ceb17@le.ac.uk  258 3998 
Professor Andrea Cooper  amc72@le.ac.uk  252 2957 
Professor David Cousins  dc282@le.ac.uk   
Dr Primrose Freestone  ppef1@le.ac.uk  252 5656 
Dr Erol Gaillard  eag15@le.ac.uk  252 3261 
Natalie Garton  njg17@le.ac.uk   
Dr Neil Greening  neil.greening@le.ac.uk  258 3113 
Koirobi Haldar  kh132@le.ac.uk   
Dr Pranab Haldar  ph62@le.ac.uk  258 3472 
Professor Galina Mukamolova  gvm4@le.ac.uk  229 7053 
Dr Helen O'Hare  hmo7@le.ac.uk  252 2947 
Dr Manish Pareek  manish.pareek@le.ac.uk  258 6952 
Dr Cat Pashley  chp5@le.ac.uk   
Dr John Pearl  john.e.pearl@le.ac.uk   
Professor Salman Siddiqui  ss338@le.ac.uk  250 2873 
Dr Hasan Yesilkaya  hy3@le.ac.uk  223 1401 

Genetics and Genome Biology

Name Email Telephone
Dr Chris Bayliss cdb12@le.ac.uk 252 3465
Dr Sandra Beleza sdsb1@le.ac.uk 294 4548
Professor Martha Clokie mrjc1@le.ac.uk 252 2959
Dr Edouard Galyov eg98@le.ac.uk 252 2980
Dr Edward Hollox ejh33@le.ac.uk 252 3407
Professor Julian Ketley (Head of Department) ket@le.ac.uk 252 3434
Professor Ed Louis ejl21@le.ac.uk 229 7813
Dr Andrew Millard adm39@le.ac.uk 252 5743
Dr Julie Morrisey jam26@le.ac.uk 252 3422
Dr Jo Purves jp437@le.ac.uk
Professor Marco Oggioni mro5@le.ac.uk 252 2261
Dr Nicola Royle njr@le.ac.uk 252 2270

Molecular and Cell Biology

Name  Email  Telephone 
Professor Mark Carr  mdc12@le.ac.uk  229 7075 
Professor Peter Moody  pcem1@le.ac.uk  229 7097 
Professor Russell Wallis  rw73@le.ac.uk  252 5089 

Population Health Sciences

Name  Email  Telephone 
Dr Carolyn Tarrant  ccp3@le.ac.uk  252 3217 

Cardiovascular Sciences

Name  Email  Telephone 
Professor Timothy Coats  tc61@le.ac.uk  258 6965 

Other staff

Name  Job role  Email  Telephone 
Rebecca Hames  Research Development Manager  rebecca.hames@le.ac.uk   
Dr Kees Straatman  Senior Experimental Officer/ Manager of the Advanced Imaging Facility  krs5@le.ac.uk  229 7085 
Lisa Witherington  College Research Administrator  lmb24@le.ac.uk  252 5601 

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