Professor Galina Mukamolova

Professor in Microbial Physiology Departmental Director of Research

School/Department: Respiratory Sciences

Telephone: +44 (0)116 229 7053



I obtained my PhD in Biochemistry at the A. N. Bakh Institute of Biochemistry Russian Academy of Sciences and in 1998 moved to Aberystwyth to work on Resuscitation-promoting factors. In 2005 I joined the University of Texas Health Center at Tyler where I gained expertise in handling Mycobacterium tuberculosis. In 2007 I moved to the University of Leicester to work on mechanisms of bacterial dormancy and resuscitation from dormancy first as a Wellcome Trust Value-in-People Fellow and later as a lecturer. I have developed my academic career and research programme in Leicester.


My research is focused on investigation of bacterial dormancy and resuscitation. In particular I am interested in Mycobacterium tuberculosis the causative agent of tuberculosis and Burkholderia pseudomallei the causative agent of melioidosis. My research career started with the discovery of Resuscitation-promoting factor (Rpf) which has had a lasting impact on tuberculosis research. I explore the clinical importance of Rpf and Rpf-depdendent M. tuberculosis and have developed models for validation of drugs against persister mycobacteria. I also investigate molecular protein kinase signalling mechanisms and peptidoglycan recycling. My research has been funded by BBSRC MRC Royal Society European Commission and industry.


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Molecular mechanisms of bacterial dormancy and resuscitation.

Role of serine-threonine kinase in growth cell wall remodelling and dormancy

Antimicrobial tolerance and resistance

Peptidoglycan remodelling and muropeptide signalling

Development of novel approaches for improving soil health


I convene a second year Medical Microbiology module. I am also involved in a wide range of teaching activities from first year tutorials to final year project supervision. I also teach MSc students (Infection and Immunity).

Press and media

Bacterial dormancy antimicrobial resistance and cell division
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