College of Science and Engineering (CSE)

Researchers from the College of Science and Engineering are making major contributions to microbiological projects. LeMID is helping to foster and grow these interactions as we recognise the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the complex environmental, industrial and medical problems of which microbes are often a key part.

Key areas of research highlighted on other pages are studies of how pollution influences the behaviour, the impact of physical factors on microbial transmission and environmental survival and the far-reaching value of mathematical models in interpreting and extending experimental research studies.

All phone numbers are +44 (0)116 xxx xxxx


Name  Email  Telephone 
Dr Ivan Compeotto   
Dr James Hodgkinson  252 2105 
Dr Andrew Hudson  252 2099 
Professor Paul Monks  252 2141 
Dr Elena Piletska  294 4669 
Professor Sergey Piletsky  294 4666 


Name  Email  Telephone 
Dr Andrea Cangiani   
Professor Alexander Gorban  223 1433 
Dr Jeremy Levesley  252 3897 
Dr Andrew Morozov  252 5054 
Professor Bo Wang  252 2162 


Name  Email  Telephone 
Sembhi Harjinder 
Dr Joshua Vande Hey  229 7721 
Professor John Lees  252 5519 
Professor Mark Sims 

252 3513


Name  Email 
Dr Jingzhe Pan