Professor Ed Louis

Professor of Genetics

Department: Genetics and Genome Biology, Department of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 229 7813



I grew up in upstate New York and spent most of my time outdoors. I left the metropolis of Holland Patent (population 357) to study Biology and Mathematics at Clarkson University. My PhD in Genetics (1986) followed at the University of California at Berkeley where I studied the ‘Population Genetics of Complex Human Traits’. I moved into yeast at Brandeis University as a postdoc and then in 1991 as part of the reverse brain drain I moved to the Institute of Molecular Medicine in Oxford as a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow in Basic Biomedical Sciences where I continued using yeast to study telomeres genome stability and evolution as well as develop tools for analysing telomeres from various parasites. After a brief stint as an Oxford Don I was rescued from an expanding waistline due to lunch at college by appointment as Professor of Genetics at the University of Leicester in 2000. In 2005 I was temporarily wooed away to the University of Nottingham as Professor of Genome Dynamics. Eight years to the day (1st of April 2013) I returned to Leicester as Director of the Centre for Genetic Architecture of Complex Traits (GACT).


My research has focused on genetic variation and genome stability in yeast with a particular interest in the ends of the chromosomes or subtelomeres. This has developed in several directions over the years and has included: reproductive isolation and speciation in yeast chromosome evolution in yeast genome stability in various mutant backgrounds telomeres without telomerase subtelomeres in parasites genome dynamics over many time scales population genomics and phenotypic variation and most recently in the quantitative genetic analysis of complex traits. Past funding has come from the Wellcome Trust BBSRC the EU NIH and industrial collaborations. Current funding is through a Marie Curie ITN (YEASTDOC) and a contract with Phenotypeca Ltd.




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David BH Barton; Danae Georghiou; Neelam Dave; Majed Alghamdi; Thomas Walsh; Edward J. Louis*; Steven Scott Foster*. 2018. PHENOS: a high-throughput and flexible tool for microorganism growth phenotyping on solid media. BMC Microbiology (2018) 18:9.

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Francisco A. Cubillos, Leopold Parts, Francisco Salinas, Anders Bergström, Eugenio Scovacricchi, Amin Zia, Christopher J. R. Illingworth, Ville Mustonen, Sebastian Ibstedt, Jonas Warringer, Edward J. Louis, Richard Durbin and Gianni Liti. 2013. High resolution mapping of complex traits with a four-parent advanced intercross yeast population. Genetics 195:1141-1155. /10.1534/genetics.113.155515

Gianni Liti and Edward J Louis. 2012. Advances in Quantitative Trait Analysis in Yeast. PLoS Genetics 8(8): e1002912.

Louis, E. J. 2011. Population genomics and speciation in yeasts. Fungal Biology Reviews 25: 136-142.

Gianni Liti, David M. Carter, Alan M. Moses, Jonas Warringer, Leopold Parts, Stephen A. James, Robert P. Davey, Ian N. Roberts, Austin Burt, Vassiliki Koufopanou, Isheng J. Tsai, Casey M. Bergman, Douda Bensasson, Michael J. T. O’kelly, Alexander Van Oudenaarden, David B. H. Barton, Elizabeth Bailes, Matthew Jones, Michael A. Quail, Ian Goodhead, Sarah Sims, Frances Smith, Anders Blomberg, Richard Durbin & Edward J. Louis, 2009. Population genomics of domestic and wild yeasts. Nature 458: 337-341.

Liti, G., Barton, D.B.H. and E.J. Louis, Sequence diversity, reproductive isolation and species concepts in Saccharomyces. Genetics, 2006. 174(2):839-50.

Goffeau, A., B.G. Barrell, H. Bussey, R.W. Davis, B. Dujon, H. Feldmann, F. Galibert, J.D. Hoheisel, C. Jacq, M. Johnston, E.J. Louis, H.W. Mewes, Y. Murakami, P. Philippsen, H. Tettelin and S.G. Oliver, Life with 6000 genes. Science, 1996. 274(5287): p. 546, 563-7.



Yeast genetics and genomics - quantitative genetics and translational research in biotech and biopharma using yeast as a model.


Steered research project on complex traits: Genotype to Phenotype

Press and media

Enterprise and taking research to industry


Member Board of Directors of Earlham Enterprises Limited- (since November 2021)

Contributing Member of Microbiology Working Group of EFSA - since May 2019

Member Board of Trustee Directors of the Earlham Institute - (since June 2017)

External Examiner University of Edinburgh Genetics Degrees (2015-2019)

Trustee Director of the Frozen Ark Charity (Chair of Trustees) (2010 - 2021)

Member Chair from 2020 of Eukaryotic Division Committee Microbiology Society (2014 - 2021) 


Chief Scientist at Phenotypeca Ltd a yeast Biofoundry business whose mission is to make life-saving medicines more affordable and accessible to all of those who need them.


BSc (Biology and Mathematics) Clarkson University 1981

PhD (Genetics) University of California at Berkeley 1986

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