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I am Professor and research group lead of the Social Science Applied to Healthcare Improvement Research (SAPPHIRE) Group Department of Population Health Sciences University of Leicester. With a background in psychology I have many years’ experience of working as a researcher and academic in the field of Health Services Research. I have expertise in qualitative methods including ethnographic methods in healthcare improvement research, in conducting qualitative research to inform the development of interventions to improve healthcare, and in qualitative process evaluation of programmes and interventions. I have particular interests in antibiotic overuse and acute care settings. I lead a number of large qualitative work packages as part of inter-disciplinary teams in national and international collaborations.


I am currently leading a qualitative study of resilience in acute care services during the Covid pandemic (funded by NIHR). I have led several studies on antibiotic overuse, including studies of the overuse of broad spectrum antibiotics in acute medical patients internationally; antibiotic use and infection control along surgical pathways; and a study using behaviour change theory to design interventions to reduce antibiotic prescribing in the UK (funded by ESRC/JRC UK). Other recent qualitative studies have focused on the use of visual identifiers for people with dementia in hospitals (funded by THISInstitute), staff reflection in acute care settings (funded by NIHR), and safety in maternity care (funded by the Health Foundation). I have conducted research into the implementation of improvement programmes for healthcare associated infections and sepsis including a qualitative study of the Matching Michigan programme to reduce central line infections in ICUs (Funded by the Health Foundation) and an evaluation of the Scottish Patient Safety Sepsis VTE Collaborative (funded by Healthcare Improvement Scotland).


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Social and behavioural factors in antibiotic overuse in healthcare

Development and evaluation of interventions to improve healthcare

Ethnographic methods in healthcare improvement

Social dilemmas in healthcare quality and safety

Collective approaches to improvement 


I teach on a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes including the MRes in Applied Health Research unit on qualitative methods I act as unit lead and teach across several units on the MSc in Quality and Safety in Healthcare.

Press and media

Ethnographic research in healthcare

Evaluating healthcare improvement


I am an Associate Editor for the journal BMJ Quality and Safety, an expert advisory group member for several research projects funded by Wellcome and NIHR, and a member of the NIHR PGfAR funding committee.


I am a Chartered Psychologist and hold a HEA Senior Fellowship.

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