Dr Manish Pareek

Associate Clinical Professor in Infectious Diseases


Dr Pareek is a clinical academic with international expertise in developing and delivering public health research programmes in infectious diseases, migrant health and ethnic minority health. He is applying his research expertise to understanding the risks of COVID-19 in ethnic minorities and other underserved populations.

Dr Pareek is part of a team that has highlighted that only 7% of all reports into COVID-19 deaths have recorded ethnicity and that none of the ten highest COVID-19 case-notifying countries have reported ethnicity-related data. In the UK there has been a disproportionate number of deaths amongst healthcare workers from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic backgrounds and recent Intensive Care Unit data indicates that a disproportionate number of patients are from said backgrounds. Dr Pareek is calling for policy-makers to ensure ethnicity is reported so that if it is linked to adverse COVID-19 outcomes the appropriate public health interventions can be put in place to support these groups.

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