Dr Pranab Haldar

Clinical Senior Lecturer


COVID-19 represents the greatest challenge to human health, society and the global economy for a century. Although the majority of people developing the infection remain well, a small but significant proportion develop more severe disease that can be life threatening. The uncertainty of why this happens and in whom presents not only a clinical challenge but also contributes to fear within the wider population and hesitation amongst policymakers in determining the most appropriate actions for control.

As part of a wider team working locally and nationally, Dr Haldar’s research is focussed on identifying factors that can help address these critical questions.

As a Respiratory physician, Dr Haldar has first-hand experience of COVID-19 patients and their management. Dr Haldar is using his experience to help shape the policies and practices that have been successfully implemented in the care of these patients. He is also leading the data management group of the local research network and researching the blood biomarkers that can predict people with COVID-19 that are at higher risk of developing severe disease.

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