Inspirational Women

Sarah Casewell

Sarah is the Co-Chair for The Women’s Forum, which supports the work and careers of women at the University. She has worked hard in pushing issues to the forefront of conversation and progressing items through the right channels to achieve active change.

Sarah is approachable and confident to talk about the ‘tough stuff’ where others might shy away. She is always thinking of others even with her busy caseload of work being an Observational Astronomer. 

Sarah stayed on at Leicester after completing her PhD on Galactic Cluster Dwarfs in 2007. She is the Legacy Survey of Space and Time contact for the Solar Neighbourhood in the UK and leads the Ariel working group on brown dwarfs. She was also MC for the Space Park Leicester opening event.

She has served as Chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy Research Staff Forum and was a member of the Department’s Equality and Diversity working group. She has also been member of the College of Science and Engineering Research Committee and sat on the STFC Women in SET working group.

Sarah has given me the confidence to tackle tricky scenarios I have faced and been a confidential confidante when I needed one to discuss personal and professional issues with; something she has and would always approach non-judgementally. She commonly voices the valid opinion that all workers at the institution deserve respect and acknowledgement regardless of their grade or experience, which is something I really respect her for. She is a pleasure to work with.

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