Inspirational Women

Harjinder Sembhi

Through her research work in partnerships with India and the European Space Agency, Harjinder has increased the reputation of the University of Leicester as a place of research excellence in Earth Observation. She treats everyone with great respect and professionalism, both students and staff. Although she had a long journey full of challenges in securing a lecturer position, she has been patient and grateful whilst helping many different projects requiring her skills in remote sensing.

She has contributed to Leicester research groupings beyond expectations and supported Early Career Researchers who are keen to learn from her skills. Whenever one needs advice, she is always there to listen and support. She has been instrumental in making people with a diverse background feel relax and included in conversations.

Harjinder has a unique team approach which means she has worked with many organisations with different backgrounds, industry, public offices and research institutions around the world. She is a natural champion and leader of equality, helping her students to go through the life of researchers and acknowledging their work at meetings and conferences.

Harjinder has been really inspirational to me as a person, achieving so much despite challenges, in a humble way, and respectful to everyone. She is a champion of equality, from whom I have learnt a lot.

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