Inspirational Women

Rajinder Bhuhi

Rajinder heads-up the University of Leicester’s Innovation Hub and has worked at the University as a Senior Enterprise Practitioner since 2007. She has over twenty-four years’ business coaching experience, supporting both existing and early stage businesses and entrepreneurs, as well as, delivering skills programmes for leadership and start-ups supporting senior leaders, students and graduates. She has worked extensively in supporting individuals from different backgrounds to take up boards positions, enabling diversity and inclusion in improving under-represented groups.

Rajinder’s passion is to inspire and enable people to succeed in innovating and their entrepreneurial growth. Therefore, her focus is to support, creating a strong innovation ecosystem, building a community that is enabled to connect and pull together. This has involved the leading a team of innovation professionals and the strategic development of funded projects of over £10 million that enable access to research, innovation and entrepreneurial support for businesses.

Rajinder has been at the centre of driving regional, national and international links through collaborative partnerships with businesses, delivery partners, academics and many other stakeholders. Helping businesses to move through their innovation journey, successfully grow and take their innovation of products, services and processes to market through the application of cutting-edge research at the University of Leicester. She is the Co-founder and Director of Leicester Start-ups and in April 2022 joined the Women Awards Board.

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