Inspirational Women

Kirsty Woodward

Kirsty initially started in Residential and Commercial Services. When Residential and Commercial Services and main campus teams merged to become Campus Services, she became the overall leader of that team and set about making it a success.

Kirsty played a key role in the Freemen's Common development, working on the delivery team, and was a key part of the team defining the detail of requirements, partners and detailed negotiation of the contracts. Since the construction began, she has been the official University Representative and has been central to delivery of the scheme.

Kirsty is an excellent leader to her Campus Services team, developing the next generation of leaders and setting high standards for how the team should operate. Her leadership of the team during the pandemic has been particularly impactful, with the team ensuring that self-isolating students were especially well cared for. Kirsty is comfortable with staff and students at all levels and is a fantastic ambassador for the University.

I do not think Kirsty sets out to be extraordinary. For Kirsty it is natural. Kirsty is so knowledgeable about the business and makes a huge contribution to the wider University both in terms of long-term objectives and short-term positive outcomes. But more than this Kirsty impacts myself and my team by her actions.

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