Inspirational Women

Laura Bee

Laura always goes above and beyond to improve the lives of students, staff, and the wider local community. As Director of the Legal Advice Clinic, Laura has expanded the Clinic to provide free legal advice to hundreds of people per year who are in desperate need, such as students with housing problems and staff with queries concerning family law. Under Laura’s direction, the Clinic also provides free legal support to members of the local community who have complex needs and are suffering from issues such as eviction or domestic violence and cannot afford a solicitor, representing the University of Leicester's brilliance. 

Laura teaches LLB students to provide this support to the community, educating and inspiring the next generation of lawyers to develop their professional skills and their understanding that giving back to the community is an important part of their role. Laura has incorporated Clinic work into the curriculum, working hard to ensure that the Legal Advice Clinic is inclusive and diverse. 

Laura has made valuable, tangible, and effective contributions to all stakeholders of the University. In the short term, students, staff, and members of the public are empowered with the correct legal knowledge to solve their problems. In the long term, she is educating future lawyers, as well as ensuring that Clinic and legal volunteering opportunities, both inside and outside the curriculum, are inclusive and open to as many students who want to participate as possible. 

Laura has taught me to use my own negative experiences to create positive experiences for others. By observing Laura's character, I have learnt to educate, support and guide every student and staff member I come into contact with in some way or another. She has never let anything get in her way of helping and supporting those in need. Laura is the most inspirational person I have ever worked with, and will ever work for.

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