Inspirational Women

Nichola Gretton

Over the past 22 years Nichola has held several roles in the University, initially as a web designer when the University was first establishing its visual identity in the 1990s. She switched roles to Educational Designer in the early 2000s, supporting Schools to design programmes, primarily in distance learning. More recently Nichola held the position of Head of Digital Education in the Leicester Learning Institute; she is now Manager of the Digital and Learning Innovation in Education Services.

What Nichola has demonstrated throughout her career is the ability to balance, on the one hand, empathy with the practices of Academic Schools, which she has developed as an educator, and on the other, the practicality of delivery required in Professional Services, with a professionalism to ensure projects are delivered to the highest standard. This always manifests itself with a quality and security of delivery that ensures all invested parties are not only satisfied with the outcome, but can be assured that practices can be conducted in a secure, safe and inclusive manner. 

I have recently been appointed to a more senior grade role. I can honestly say I would never have achieved this if it wasn’t for the support and development Nichola has given me over the last decade. My new role will require me to line manage a team, which I have had limited experience of. In the interview I said I was confident in my abilities to do this as I have learnt from the best!

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