Inspirational Women

Sally Kyd

Sally joined the University of Leicester as an undergraduate, studied here for her PhD, joined the teaching staff, was appointed Professor – and eventually became the first female Head of Leicester Law School.

Since her appointment in late 2019, she has turned the School around during unprecedented times, nurturing a culture of transparency and support. Rather than a hindrance, she saw the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to foster a real sense of community and collegiality.

She is firm, decisive and at the same time kind, inclusive and creative. She always strives to ensure that nobody feels left behind and that everyone feels supported, creating an environment where people can truly thrive and give their best. Sally is an example of how women can rise to the top and bring a new perspective. Sally really cares about the Law School and its people and is committed to the Law School's ongoing and future success.

Sally leads from the front, attending Open Days and Offer Holder Days, and delivering induction and revision sessions to a large cohort of students. She is efficient, measured and incredibly dedicated to the success and wellbeing of all – staff and students.

Sally has supported and trusted me. She has made me reflect on how to tackle difficult problems and helped me be more confident. She has given me the chance to make a difference with her and to develop my vision. She has been a role model.

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