Inspirational Women

Kerry Law

Kerry joined Leicester in 2019 as Chief Marketing and Engagement Officer, a role she held when nominations for Inspirational Women were solicited. Her appointment to DVC (Professional Services) is indicative of her commitment to the University and to professional practise. Her leadership has delivered success in student recruitment, marketing, raising the University’s reputation and stakeholder engagement. As a member of Executive Board she represents women at the highest level.

One definition of an inspirational person is someone who not only supports and values other people in striving and achieving their own goals, but also someone whose expertise, approach, personality and ethos shapes new ambitions and shines a light on new areas. Kerry embodies that definition.

Her approach promotes a collaborative attitude, but also demonstrates her own work ethic. She empowers and enables, always in a calm and respectful way, and always has time to listen and ask for colleagues’ opinions. She is supportive of professional growth, professional reflection and always has time for you if you need it.


I feel that I am constantly learning from her and totally admire her life ethic and all that she achieves. I remember when I first met Kerry in a welcome meeting with other colleagues, and she talked about loyalty - I'm not sure Kerry realises it, but the way she motivates and supports me, it instils that loyalty and respect, because it feels mutual.

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