Inspirational Women

Diane Levine

Diane is at the heart of interdisciplinary research at Leicester. In her role at LIAS (and previously in RED) she went out of her way to engage with, meet and include academic staff from all disciplines and career stages, and to bring them into conversation about interdisciplinary research. Diane has a unique ability to make connections between different colleagues' areas of research, thinking laterally and imaginatively, and enabling them to see opportunities they would never have arrived at themselves.

One of Diane's major skills is drawing out from other people the qualities and possibilities of an incipient research idea and helping to build it into a viable and fundable project. Her generosity in providing advice, support and encouragement has made a positive difference to huge numbers of researchers across the University and given them the confidence to pursue collaborations, write research grants and deliver projects.

Alongside all of this Diane is a pro-active and effective academic, holding a lecturing role. She has a substantial publication record and active research collaborations with colleagues globally  especially on youth and childhood resilience in a digital world.

Diane has transformed the research careers of many people at Leicester (especially other women). For me she has been a rock of consistency and friendship, and a model in balancing the demands of work and childcare. In terms of my own behaviour, Diane's steadfast commitment to inclusivity and challenging bias has made me reflect more often and more openly about my own assumptions and actions.

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