Postgraduate research

Social science, Doctor of

Dr Daniel Bishop

  • Workplace learning and employee development
  • Informal learning at work
  • Training and workplace learning in small organisations
  • Initial and continuing development in the professions
  • Staff development in schools, colleges and universities 

Dr Nikolaus Hammer

  • International Human Resource Management
  • Global Value Chains and Inter-Firm Relations
  • Comparative Work and Employment Relations in Europe
  • International Industrial Relations and Trade Unionism   

Dr Reka Plugor

  • Transitions into and out of work (education, precarious employment, retirement, sick leave and maternity/paternity leave)
  • (Higher education) student experience
  • Employee experience and employee experience management
  • MSP – the experiences of people in multiple status positions
  • Labour turnover – particularly how it is affected by employee actions (i.e. working hours, overtime and absence)
  • Qualitative methods and analysis
  • Quantitative methods and analysis

Deborah Price

  • Self and social identity

Eimer Sparham

  • The relationship of National Culture and studying via Distance Learning
  • High Performance Work Practices
  • Women Breadwinners

Dr Katharine Venter

  • Gender, Careers, and Work-Life Balance
  • Parenting of Chronically Ill and Disabled Children
  • Parent Carers in the Labour Market
  • Learning and Skills Development in the Third Sector
  • Learning and Skills in Chinese Enterprises
  • Implications of National Culture for Learning and for Employment Practices 

Professor Stephen Wood

  • Nature of High Involvement Management and Impact on Well-Being and Organisational Performance
  • Teamworking among Software Engineers
  • Staff Morale in Mental Health In-Patient Care
  • Family-Friendly Management - Nature, Predictors of Use, and Performance Effects
  • Work/Non-Work Conflict among Portfolio Workers
  • Bullying at Work
  • Job Design in Call Centres
  • Social and Economic Challenges of Nanotechnology


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