School of Business

Accounting Accountability and Corporate Reporting

Lead: Dr Lucy Ferdous

This ULSB research group, Accounting, Accountability, and Corporate Reporting (AAC), promotes scholarship in the areas of governance, accountability, and corporate reporting across accounting disciplines. This research group is committed to advancing academic insight, supporting academic and professional scholarship, influencing policy, and improving professional and organizational practice. Through its rigorous research efforts, the group aims to contribute to the ongoing development of the accounting disciplines, ultimately benefiting academia, industry professionals, policymakers, and society as a whole.

The following activities should be undertaken to enhance the research capacity of the group's members:

  • Promote academic and professional scholarship and contribute to the development of new accounting knowledge.
  • Establish an internationally recognized research team to facilitate national and international research that influences policy and practice.
  • Collaborates with academia, industry professionals, policymakers, and other stakeholders.
  • Obtain external funding in collaboration with academic and professional accounting associations, other research centres, and academic institutions.

We have identified five core themes that represent the accounting discipline. These themes serve as the foundation for our research efforts and guide our scholarly pursuits, namely:

  1. Financial Accounting, Auditing, and Corporate Reporting;
  2. Management Accounting;
  3. Accountability and Governance;
  4. Sustainability, Climate Change, and Reporting;
  5. Accounting Education, Learning, Teaching, and Pedagogy.


Selected publications

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Published Book Chapter

Ferdous, L. T., Singh, C (2022), A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words: Audit Efficiency and Risk Management Through Data Visualization., Handbook of Big Data and Analytics in Accounting and Auditing. Springer Singapore Verlag, DOI 10.1007/978-981-19-4460-4_2.

Coyle, H.  (2018) Why do we need to measure performance? A local government perspective.  Chapter 8 in Contemporary Issues in Accounting, edited by Conway and Byrne.  Palgrave MacMillan.


We are looking to hold the following activities to facilitate research development:

  • Accounting Education Seminars, 2024.
  • Networking Event, 2024.
  • Professional Accounting Bodies, BAFA, EAA, BAM, BA events, 2024.
  • Invited Renowned Speakers, 2024.


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