The PARCA-R questionnaire has been translated into a number of languages other than English. To obtain a copy of the questionnaire in your preferred language, please use the links provided below.

Please note that the PARCA-R questionnaire has only been standardised for use in the UK. The questionnaires available below are translations of the original English (UK) version and may not yet have been adapted, validated or standardised for use in other languages or countries. The table below provides information about the extent to which the available versions have been adapted and/or validated. Please exercise caution when using these translations, or when applying the UK normative data to derive standard scores for questionnaires completed in other languages. For more information about the translated versions, including information about ongoing validity studies, please contact the relevant authors as shown in the table below.

Table for information about PARCA-R questionnaire translations (PDF, 172kb).

A list of published validation studies is also provided in the PARCA-R publication list.

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