If you wish to read more about studies that have used the PARCA-R questionnaire, or to review clinical guidelines in which use of the PARCA-R is recommended, please see the list below.

You can also download the publication list as a pdf file (PDF, 580KB).

A) PARCA-R Technical and Interpretive Manual

  • Johnson S, Bountziouka V, Linsell L, Brocklehurst P, Marlow N, Wolke D, Manktelow B. Parent Report of Children’s Abilities – Revised (PARCA-R). Technical and Interpretive Manual. University of Leicester, Leicester, 2019.

B) PARCA-R Validation studies

C)  PARCA-R Standardisation

D) Studies that have used the PARCA-R as an outcome measure


E)  Recommendations in clinical guidelines and standards of care


F)  Other publications in which the PARCA-R is cited