Discover our various outreach projects, designed to share our enthusiasm for mathematics with school and college students.

Current activities and events

Undergraduate outreach

Our undergraduates are involved in the Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme (UAS) and the Students in Classrooms Scheme whereby students are placed in schools to inspire and encourage younger students. UAS is incorporated into the module MA3511 Communicating Mathematics, and as such may be chosen as part of the Mathematics degree course.

If you are a mathematics teacher in Leicester or Leicestershire and would like to get involved with either UAS or the Student Associate Scheme, please contact Dr Jason Semeraro

AMSP Year 12 and 13 problem-solving and STEP courses

We offer regular Year 12 and 13 problem-solving courses. They take place in collaboration with the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP).

Mathematics newsletter for schools

We create a mathematics newsletter designed for schools to have more fun with mathematics. You can download our past issues:

Talks in schools

Our academics like to share their enthusiasm for mathematics with the public, and particularly with schools. If you would like to arrange for a mathematics outreach talk at your school, please contact Dr Frank Neumann. You can also browse some of our sample topics for talks.

Forthcoming activities and events

Mathematics masterclasses

For more information about future mathematics masterclasses, please contact Dr Frank Neumann. Previous events were run in conjunction with the Royal Institution.

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