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Mortality Myths aimed at a non-specialist audience by Stuart McDonald (Lloyds Banking Group)

Date: Wednesday 18 March 2020

Time: 2.15pm

Location: George Porter Lecture Theatre B, University of Leicester

Abstract: This event will be jointly hosted by the Worshipful Company of Actuaries (WCA) and the Leicester Actuarial Science Society (LASS). The WCA will also be explaining their work and presenting two prizes: one each to the best performing 2nd year and 3rd year BSc Mathematics and Actuarial Science student at the University during the session. The recipients of these prizes will be announced on the day! There will be refreshments and a chance to chat to Stuart, Simon Dudley from the Worshipful Company of Actuaries and other professional guests after the event. 

Stuart is Head of Demographics and Methodology at Lloyds Banking Group and Chief Risk Officer of the Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI). He is a great explainer of mortality and longevity on social media (you can find him on Twitter @ActuaryByDay) in addition to his day job. In his talk (with the title Mortality Myths aimed at a non-specialist audience), Stuart will share historical context on changing life expectancy and update us on the latest trends, dispelling a few myths along the way. You can register for the event here.

Intergenerational Fairness by Lord David Willetts (Chancellor of the University of Leicester and member of the Privy Council)

Date: Tuesday 24th March 2020

Time: 5.30pm

Location: Ken Edwards Lecture Theatre 1, University of Leicester

Abstract: Lord Willetts is also Author of A University Education and The Pinch: How the Baby Boomers Took Their Children's Future -  And Why They Should Give It Back. The 2nd edition of The Pinchwas published in November and he will therefore be speaking on Intergenerational Fairness, also following up on the recent research of the Resolution Foundation, of which he is President. You can register for this event here.



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