Our 100

Celebrating our past, present and future

Be part of our celebrations

As part of the University’s centenary celebrations, we want your help to showcase ‘Our 100’ – 100 things that define our past, present, and future.

Founded as a memorial to the First World War, the University opened its doors in 1921 with just 11 students and two staff. Since then, it’s grown into a diverse and inclusive community of 18,000 students, 4,000 staff from more than 100 countries, and 200,000 alumni from 194 countries.

We’ve always existed to improve lives, and our motto ut vitam habeant (so that they may have life) drives us. We are Citizens of Change, with a collective social conscience that pushes us to build better futures in our community and wider society. As we move into our second century, we’re committed to showcasing the contribution and impact of people and events which demonstrate our full and diverse history, as well as the University’s commitment to inclusivity.

Old black and white photograph of students outside the fielding johnson building

How can I get involved?

We want to develop a comprehensive and inclusive list of the University of Leicester’s ‘Our 100’, made up of the inspirational people, events, memorable moments, places, spaces, objects and research that have been part of the last 100 years. The list will take us right up to the present day, and look ahead to our future. Who or what is an important part of your University experience or represents what the University means to you?

Hints and tips

  • Make as many nominations as you like;
  • Someone/something can be nominated more than once;
  • The more information or anecdotes you provide, the better;
  • We especially encourage nominations for people and events from under-represented groups, e.g. those who identify as minority ethnic, LGBT+ or as having a disability;
  • We may quote you if we showcase your nomination;
  • We would love to see photos or memorabilia linked to your nomination;
  • We’ll keep all nominations as a ‘Centenary Memory Bank’;
  • Please submit your nomination(s) before 28 February 2021.

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