University of Leicester BHF Research Accelerator for Precision Medicine

Steering Committee

Steering Committee (including members of Executive Group)

  • Matthew Bown, Professor of Vascular Surgery, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences
  • Christopher Brightling, Professor of Respiratory Medicine and Honorary Consultant Physician. He is an NIHR Senior Investigator, Chair of the NIHR Respiratory Translational Research Collaboration, Respiratory Theme lead for the NIHR Leicester BRC and Director for the European Respiratory Society Clinical Research Collaborations
  • Nigel Brunskill, Professor of Nephrology, Director of Research and Development, University Hospitals of Leicester
  • Veryan Codd, Associate Professor in Cardiovascular Molecular Biology, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences
  • Melanie Davies, Professor of Diabetes Medicine, NIHR Senior Investigator, Director of the Leicester BRC, and co-director of the Leicester Diabetes Centre
  • Andrew Fry, Dean of Research, College of Life Sciences
  • Anna Hansell, Professor of Environmental Epidemiology, Director of the Leicester Centre for Environmental Health and Sustainability
  • Kamlesh Khunti, Professor of Primary Care Diabetes & Vascular Medicine, NIHR Senior Investigator, Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Academic GP and Director of NIHR East Midlands ARC and co-director of the Leicester Diabetes Centre
  • Gerry McCann, Professor of Cardiac Imaging and NIHR Research Professor, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences 
  • Professor Gavin Murphy (Director), British Heart Foundation Chair of Cardiac Surgery and Director of the Leicester Clinical Trials Unit, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences
  • Kelley Needham, Business Operations Manager, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences
  • Andre Ng, Professor of Cardiac Electrophysiology, Head of Department of Cardiovascular Sciences 
  • Leong Ng, Professor of Medicine and Therapeutics, Precision Medicine Theme Lead, Leicester NIHR BRC and Director of the Van Geest Biomarker facility
  • Thompson Robinson, Professor of Stroke Medicine, Pro Vice-Chancellor and Head of the College of Life Sciences, NIHR Senior Investigator, and NIHR CRN National Specialty Lead for Stroke
  • Robert Sayers, George Davies Professor of Vascular Surgery, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences 
  • John Schwabe, Professor of Structural Biology, Director of Leicester Institute for Structural and Chemical Biology
  • Jacqui Shaw, Professor of Translational Cancer Genetics, Director Leicester Precision Medicine Institute
  • Iain Squire, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences 
  • Toru Suzuki, Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences
  • Thomas Webb, Associate Professor in Cardiovascular Genomics, Department of Cardiovascular Sciences

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