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This list provides information about books published by historians at Leicester. More information about publications can be found within individual staff pages.


Peasants Making History: Living In an English Region 1200-1540

Complete Gentlemen: Educational Travel and Family Strategy, 1650-1750


Dance on the Razor’s Edge: Crime and Punishment in the Nazi Ghettos

Manuscripts in the Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms: Cultures and Connections

An Urban History of China

Hidden Histories of the Dead: Disputed Bodies in Modern British Medical Research


The Oxford History of Protestant Dissenting Traditions, Volume I: The Post-Reformation Era, 1559-1689

Building the Irish Courthouse and Prison: A Political History, 1750-1850 

Reliquiae Baxterianae: Or, Mr Richard Baxter’s Narrative of the Most Memorable Passages of his Life and Times, 5 vols 

Malawian Migration to Zimbabwe, 1900-1965: Tracing Machona

New Approaches to Governance and Rule in Urban Europe since 1500 

Deviant Maternity: Illegitimacy in Wales, c. 1680-1800 

Migrants in Medieval England, c.500-c.1500


Automobility and the City in Twentieth-Century Britain and Japan

Cricket Country: An Indian Odyssey in the Age of Empire 

Voices of the Voiceless: Religion, Communism, and the Keston Archive


A Global History of Convicts and Penal Colonies 

Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms: Art, Word, War

Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Secular World: From the 1870s to the Present

High Culture and Tall Chimneys: Art Institutions and Urban Society in Lancashire, 1780-1914

Integrated Census Microdata (I-CEM); 1851-1911: Version 2

Writing the Lives of the English Poor


US Presidential Elections and Foreign Policy: Candidates, Campaigns and Global Politics from FDR to Bill Clinton


A Notorious Woman: Anne Royall in Jacksonian America 

New Histories of the Andaman Islands: Landscape, Place and Identity in the Bay of Bengal, 1790-2012

The Habitable City in China: Urban History in the Twentieth Century

Spirits of CommunityEnglish Senses of Belonging and Loss, 1750-2000

Obligation, Entitlement and Dispute under the English Poor Laws

Food and Health in Early Modern Europe

Dissecting the Criminal Corpse: Staging Post-Execution Punishment in Early Modern England


Tanz auf Messers Schneide: Kriminalität und Recht in den Ghettos Warschau Litzmannstadt

Alcohol and Nationhood in Nineteenth-Century Mexico

Biographies of Drink: A Case Study Approach to our Historical Relationship with Alcohol

Authentic Recipes from Around the World

Urbanizing China in War and Peace: The Case of Wuxi County


Against Immediate Evil: American Internationalists and the Four Freedoms on the Eve of World War II


Exodus and Liberation: Deliverance Politics from John Calvin to Martin Luther King Jr. 

Portrait of a Party: The Conservative Party in Britain, 1918-1945


Crime and Punishment in African American History

Turncoats and Renegadoes: Changing Sides in the English Civil Wars

The County Community in Seventeenth-Century England and Wales

Subaltern Lives. Biographies of Colonialism in the Indian Ocean World, 1790-1920

Cities and the Grand Tour. The British in Italy 1690-1820

Dartmoor's Alluring Uplands: Transhumance and pastoral management in the Middle Ages

Italy and the Potato: A History, 1550-2000

Bede and the End of Time

The Indian Uprising of 1857-8: Prisons, Prisoners and Rebellion

The Making of the Middle Class: Toward a Transnational History

Dying for Victorian Medicine: English Anatomy and Its Trade in the Dead Poor, c. 1834-1929

Poverty and Sickness in Modern Europe: Narratives of the Sick Poor, 1780-1938


The Papers of the Hothams: Governors of Hull during the Civil War

The World of John Secker, 1716-1795, Quaker Mariner

Research Methods in History

Dole Queues and Demons: British Election Posters from the Conservative Party Archive

New Directions in Local History since Hoskins

The Peculiarities of Liberal Modernity in Imperial Britain

Women, Dissent and Anti-Slavery in Britain and America, 1790-1865


Sport and the Military: The British Armed Forces 1880-1960

Pomodoro! A history of the tomato in Italy

The US Public and American Foreign Policy

Women, Welfare and Local Politics, 1880-1920

Deserted Villages Revisited


Imprisoned by History. Aspects of Historicized Life

Art and Religion in Eighteenth-century Europe

Seeing Things Their Way. Intellectual History and the Return of Religion

William Dugdale, Historian, 1605- 1686: His Life, His Writings and His County

Dilemmas of Internationalism. The American Association for the United Nations and US Foreign Policy, 1941-1948


Ordinary People as Mass Murderers: Perpetrators in Comparative Perspectives (The Holocaust and its Contexts Series)

Fighting for the Cross: Crusading to the Holy Land

Falling from Grace: Reversal of Fortune and the English Nobility 1075-1455

East Meets West: Banking, Commerce and Investment in the Ottoman Empire 

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