History at Leicester

Current research grants

Details of current research grants and projects in the School of History, Politics and International Relations are listed below.

Details of some of our previous grants and completed research projects.

Under the Radar: The East Midlands, The Manorial Court Rolls and the Revolt of 1381

Fortune Telling and Astrology in Early Modern South Asia (1700-1900)

Making Useful Subjects: Penal Labour in Britain and its Empire (1770-1895)

Mapping Ancient Egypt: the relationship between Egyptology and Cartography

Between Diaspora and the 'Land of Israel': Jewish Dress, Migration and Belonging, 1880s-1948

The First Hindu Nationalist: A New Biography of Bal Gangadhar Tilak, 1856–1920

Convicts, Creolization and Cosmopolitanism in the British and French empires

Domestic Slavery and Sexual Exploitation in the Households of Europe, North Africa, and the Near East, from Constantine to c. AD 900/ AH 287

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